Government Consulting


Sendera Consulting helps federal, state, and local government work more productive. Our technology and business solutions provides government entities at all levels the ability to integrate virtually any source data, turn it into useful information, transform it, and delivery to the citizens, employees, vendors, and other government entities any time, anywhere.

Sendera has the experience to help you develop and evaluate Request for Proposals (RFPs). We offer the experience and technologies to bring legacy information and services to the Internet. We have the resources to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM solutions and integrate them with best-of-breed technology. In addition, we can help you deploy eGov systems and we have the expertise to help local government agencies with the implementation of cost-effective 3-1-1 Systems, RMS, CAD, and Security solutions.

Outsourcing is the preferred method for many organizations that are seeking to reduce costs and concentrating on their core business & objectives, capitalize on best practices, and have access to resources on demand.

In partnership with global technology vendors, Sendera provides Outsourcing services of IT functions such as:

  • Desktop & Network Help Desk

  • Core Financial & HR Systems

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • eProcurement

  • Document Management


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